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Skype / Lync Lab Part 2: Installing the Domain Controller & DNS

November 24, 2016, by AnkushVarshneya, category Skype for Buisness
  1. see part 1:…-1-installing-os/
  2. windows server 2012 r2 essentials starts up with Configure Windows Server essentials  dialog
  3. click next
  4. set time zone
  5. click next
  6. Note: by default .local is appended to internal domain name but since we need .work appended we need to do stuff differently
    1. On the step that asks to enter company information click cancel to exit the wizard.
    2. Open the PowerShell as Administrator and do type: Start-WssConfigurationService -CompanyName “Example” -DNSName “” -NetBiosName “Example” -ComputerName “EXAMPLE-DC” –NewAdminCredential $cred -Setting All
    1. the above step will restart the wizard with internal domain set with the .work postfix
    2. Enter your AD administrator credentials in the window that will appear. This will be the new administrator – the same as you configure it in the Essential server wizard
    3. When the system will prompt, if you want to continue the Essentials server configuration, just click Y
    4. Exit from PowerShell and the server will restart. After this, when you log in, you will see that the wizard Configure Windows Server Essentials will run. You have just to wait that it will finish. At this point the wizard has all the information it needs and you are not able to change them

    For more info see: and

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